Syndicate Your Website Content Via RSS

Not only will RSS help you with providing fresh content to your visitors but also it will save you time. Every time you add a new post, article, press release, or have a sale, you will not have to write an email to along with the content and send it out to subscribers.

The reason is once you have an RSS in place on your website, the title along with a short summery will be sent out via your RSS feed. RSS is nothing more than a technology known as Really Simple Syndication that ensure those that have subscribed to your feed receive real time information in the way of a short blurb.

Now, RSS cannot be read like a website page. The language used is XML so your readers will need to have an RSS reader, a browser that can read feeds or be a member of a website that offers users the ability to stay on top of their favorite feeds all in one place.

Another great usage for RSS for webmasters is that with this technology they can also display a feed on their website and provide fresh content from across the net on the subject matter that pertains to their website. The code is easy to place on the website and will show the title and blurb of all the topics from the websites the webmaster has added to his feed.

Now, when visitors come to your website, they will not only find your new information but can enjoy all the latest news right on your website.

Remember search engine spiders love new content so you will be giving Google, Yahoo, and MSN just what they want as well. The keyword rich title and blurbs will help you gain ranking for your keywords and keyword phrases so you will be able to find yourself closer to the top of the searches for those words.

Using RSS is a win-win situation. Your visitors love the fresh content, they love staying up to date on your latest news, you love the ease of use, and spiders enjoy all gobbling up the news.

Syndicating your website content by using RSS is certainly the way to go. You will be making everyone happy and giving yourself some time to work on other projects. Just remember to use the keywords in the title so you grab targeted traffic that will become subscribers.

Source by Anita Payton