India will win war against both China and its virus

India Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday asserted that the nation is fighting two “wars” against China, one at the border and another with coronavirus — which originated from the neighbouring country — and expressed confidence that India will win both the wars.


“Today we are fighting two wars against China – one at the border and another against the virus from China. Our 20 brave soldiers did not back down, we will also not retreat until we win both the wars,” Kejriwal said at a press conference.

The remark comes after 20 Indian Army personnel lost their lives in a violent face-off with Chinese troops at Ladakh`s Galwan valley on the intervening night of June 15 and 16.”Our doctors, nurses, and soldiers are all fighting and the people of the country are standing beside them. The entire country has to fight at both the fronts united. This should not be politicised. We have to fight against China and coronavirus,” Kejriwal said.

Speaking about the COVID-19 situation, the chief minister said that there are around 25,000 active cases in the national capital.

“Compared to last week, only one thousand active cases increased. As many as 33,000 COVID-19 patients have been discharged after being cured and sent back to their homes. Currently, 6,000 COVID patients are being treated at hospitals and 12,000 at their houses,” he added.

Delhi CM said that the situation appears to be stabilising for the time being.

Kejriwal said that testing has also been increased by three times in the city and now 18,000 tests are being done per day in the national capital. There has been a three-fold increase in testing; earlier it was five thousand tests per day, now it is around eighteen thousand per day. Now people will not face any issues in getting tested for COVID-19,” he said.

The chief minister said that with the help of the central government, Antigen tests are being conducted which yields result in 15-30 mins,” he said. The government has also decided to provide all the home quarantine cases will get oxygen meter so that they can check their oxygen rate.

“We have noticed that people suffering from coronavirus feel breathlessness so we have decided to provide oxygen meter to every home quarantine person who is COVID-19 positive. We have set up oxygen concentrator in every district if anyone at home feels breathlessness and need oxygen we will provide a helpline number to get oxygen support at home,” he said.