App Featured in Google Play and App sStore ?

Google Play The two major platforms that allow you to launch your application and give users an opportunity to get acquainted with your product. They don’t need extra descriptions, even a child knows where to find new apps: App Store for iOS fans and Google Play Market for Android lovers.

Google Play

But how can you keep yourself way of varied applications which gets downloaded to marketplaces every day? There are a lot of expensive, long-term and complicated ways. But we will like to have a discussion about another alternative which can be a great opportunity for further app success. Catch useful tips of how to get your app featured on the App Store and Play Market.

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Of course, not everyone is lucky to get listed in market‘s best applications chart, but the game is worth the candle. Just as every SEO specialist fight for the first line in search systems, so every developer should fight to be recommended by such affluent platforms. Read about Apps like google adsense.

Common tips

To be honest the App Store and Play Market are different marketplaces with their own rules, there are some common principles however to be noticed by editors and get to the desired list of the best. Let’s see what life hacks you can use for both platforms:

1. Quality:

Spoiler! This tip is very obvious. However many developers ignore this point. The first step you should do on your way to get featured is to create a high-quality application. Persuade, that you excluded any bugs from the app, that it is user-friendly, simple and ready to use. One needs to check that application coexist with the App Store and Google Play terms and developers guidelines. Editors of both platforms are carping to new apps and the first and main criterion is the quality of the product.

2. Description:

To be frank one need to focus on an app description and visual content. A page with an application description is like a passport. It is one of the most important tools to promote your app and to spark user‘s interest. Images, text, promo video and screenshots should be excellent quality and clearly explain what is your app about.

3. New technologies:

Follow the latest trends and new technologies that Google and Apple produce and use it in your app. Why? Because these two tech giants are interested in promoting their technologies to the world. From this point of view platforms‘ editors will support projects which include the newest technologies. Use this life hack and implement some innovations to the app to make it better and increase your chances to get a front-page place on marketplaces.

4. Localization:

In case you are not limited to your target audience and want to reach new users, you should better localize your application into several languages to give non-English speaking people an opportunity to try your app. But to translate the app is not enough, you should also concern about user experience which depends on different cultures. One way to be available for audience around the world is to make the application.

Hints to get featured by Apple

App Store is the strict and specific platform. Not every application can get submitted in the store, much less to get featured by apple. So here you go with the ways of how to be chosen by app store editors:

1. Obey the corporation:

App Store experts like when you are anxious about every Apple user: either he uses iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Make our app common and suitable to every Apple device. Once you do that and you are one step closer to show Apple that you are a reliable developer and want to build long-lasting relationships with the platform.

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2. Update:

The reason to make quick updates is that you have a chance to fix some bugs, to add new features and to remind your user about the app. In addition, it increases your general rating in App Store so editors will take it into account. You can update your application and in this way, you can get in the special section by Apple “Best New Updates”. And of course, don’t forget to make seasonal and holiday updates, to be up to date and to communicate with your user through the app.

3. Check the day:

Pay attention on which day you want to release your application. The best days to launch an app are Tuesday and Wednesday. Why is it so? Because every Thursday App Store updates curated lists. So in case if you liberate on Friday or Saturday you will wait almost for 7 days before they compile a new list. For mobile developers, these days are an unattainable luxury because an app can lose among numerous applications, which will appear later than yours.